The Exec

Our Warwick Investment Banking Executive is comprised of highly motivated and dedicated students.

Arda Fettin


Proudly representing Essex in the heart of Warwick. An Accounting & Finance enthusiast with a penchant for the slopes. Passionate about steering the Warwick Investment Banking Society to greater heights. Skiing aficionado by winter, dedicated leader and society advocate all year round.

Abdullah Riaz


Proudly hailing from Birmingham, now in the heart of Warwick. An Accounting & Finance aficionado with a thrill for speed and the boxing ring. Passionate about leading the Warwick Investment Banking Society towards excellence. A fast driver by weekend, avid boxer by evening, and dedicated chairman all year round.

Fjodor Minasjan

Vice President

From the heart of Moscow to the core of Warwick. A devoted Accounting & Finance scholar with a fervor for tennis and a deep interest in economics and politics. Committed to co-steering the Warwick Investment Banking Society towards new horizons. MMA enthusiast, avid reader off it, and unwavering Vice President throughout the year.

Marwan Al Qasem


Originating from the vibrant city of Amman, Jordan and now immersed in the Warwick ethos. An Accounting & Finance devotee with a love for culinary adventures, both enjoying good food and whipping up delicacies. Entrusted with the fiscal responsibilities of the Warwick Investment Banking Society, ensuring every penny counts. A gourmet in the kitchen, steadfast treasurer in the boardroom.

Lakshay Lather

Marketing Exec

From the lively terrains of Haryana, India, to the bustling hub of Warwick. Specializing in Accounting & Finance and fueled with a creative spark for marketing. Driving the voice and brand of the Warwick Investment Banking Society with flair. An avid runner on the tracks, and an unapologetic shower singer, ensuring harmonious strategies on the marketing front.

Elia Yousf


Emerging from the heartbeat of London, deeply rooted in the multifaceted world of PPE. Meticulously documenting the strides of the Warwick Investment Banking Society. With a profound involvement in politics and three commendable terms as a Youth MP, legislative lobbying is second nature. Ensuring precision in the society's minutes and advocating for change in the political arena.

Rosie Wayman

Welfare & Inclusion

Representing Essex with pride and dedicated to the expansive field of Law. As the Welfare and Inclusion Officer of the Warwick Investment Banking Society, I'm passionately committed to fostering an environment of unity and acceptance. With a keen aptitude for learning new skills and a flair for crafting sushi, I bring versatility and zest both in and out of the society's sphere.

Hani Bundhun

Corporate Relations Exec

Hailing from the serene shores of Belle Mare, Mauritius, and deeply immersed in the diverse realm of Liberal Arts and Economics. As the Corporate Relations Exec of the Warwick Investment Banking Society, I bridge connections and foster collaborations with the corporate world. A gym enthusiast by day and a luxury watch aficionado by night, I seamlessly merge precision with ambition in all ventures.

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